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Thread: flash + html frames

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    flash + html frames

    Hi Everyone,
    I was wondering if this is easy to do.
    I have a flash interface that will sit in an html page, within a frame of an outer html page. I want each option in the interface to load a different html page into a second frame within the outer html page, but leave the flash page untouched. Is this done using the getUrl tag? if so how do you target just 1 frame and not the html/flash page.

    Hope that made sense

    Thanx for any help

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    Hope this helps. This is just a example as if you had a flash title bar in the top frame that had your buttons.

    First the html frame code.

    <FRAMESET ROWS= "250,*" border="0" frameborder="0"
    frameborder="no" framespacing="0">
    <FRAME SRC="page1.htm" NAME="top">
    <FRAME SRC="page2.htm" NAME="bottom">

    Just open notepad, copy, paste and save as a html file. Put your html that contains your flash project in the top frame(meaning replace "page1.html" with the name of your html). I assume you have buttons already in the flash project. The action script for the buttons should read

    on (release) {


    Just edit the "anypage.html" to what ever the name of your files are. Repeat for each button. This will leave your flash open in the top frame and load new pages in the bottom frame. You may need to edit the size of the top frame. I have it locked at 250 now.

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