I everybody, i'm not a new in the flash world, just in the actionscript world.

Now that there's no more wizard mode, i'm done, things are just impossible
for the most simple task... never understood that change.

Anyway... i've a question, i'm building a site on frontpage and having flash
buttons instead of the usual on frontpage, i finished the buttons on
one other, those were just links, when you preview a website on explorer you
get the - file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/bu.bu2/Desktop/Mine/Books/library_Anthologies.htm
and this goes to all of the links that you click, then when a site goes to the
WEB, this becomes the regular - .www.library.com/anthologies.html. - something like that.

The problem now is, with the flash buttons, frontpage does not see the flash
buttons as buttons, just a flash movie, inside the flash movie you can have
a banner or a intro movie before the main page, whatever, frontpage will
present the flash movie with the - my house.swf - in the upper left corner of
the flash movie, nothing more, is you want to see you must preview the site.
Since frontpage does not ask if the flash movie is a button, i was wonder
how can i put the target of the button just like a regular button or link in the
frontpage, that would do what i just explain above, with this - file:///C:/Documents.

I know this "sounds" very confusing, i hope someone undestands.