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Thread: My First Game

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    My First Game

    Just finished my first game would like to thank benhull and Lexicon for there help with a couple of little problems I had. Think the hardist thing was to make the game playable rather then making it. Here it is anyway, any feedback is appreciated!

    Party Popper the Game

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    Hey, really nice game you have there. I liked the gfx, the sound, everything is really cool, doesn't look like someone's first game lol. It's very fun and addictive. Congrats on that.
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    Looks like a great first game! Nice work! I do have a couple of suggestions. I suggest adding more balloon colors in there to make it more visually attractive. Also, changing the backgrounds between levels would provide some interest. Finally, there was no pause between levels or any indication of your progress within a level to know how long you have left. Both of those things would polish it a bit more. Overall, great job!

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    Very nice. I personally would like to see the balloons be created a little slower but move faster, I ended up quitting because not one balloon was getting past the first quarter of the screen, making games harder always adds to the addictiveness, of course a game should never be too hard.

    Good job.
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    Cool little game, but it wasn't very hard. I quit after level 20 because I didn't miss 1 balloon. Good graphics though. Maybe you could add a little sound loop to help out too.
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    It plays well and looks good

    I dont think current level changing is best you can have. All the balloons are just replaced by the next level text. It would be much better if:
    *the no more balloons are created when you finish the level, once they all disappear you get next level message
    *or not to stop the game at all, just move the next level text on screen and out again

    I wish there would be some other way to count the game progress. You let 8 balloons up and it ends, why 8? Why not have some kind of power bar, which decreases with each ball reaching the top. Bigger ball takes more power away, smaller ball takes less. When it reaches 0, game ends.

    What about powerups? Small and fast moving balloons with special powers for some counted time:
    *clear all balloons on stage
    *slow down movement of balloons
    *make your shoot target 5 times bigger
    *reverse gravity so the balloons move down
    *reverse movement, so moving mouse left moves target right
    *cover the screen with smoke and fireworks hiding balloons

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    AquaCorpse saves the day again
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    Jun 2005
    cool game it was fn but i think everyone pretty much said it best there are a few minor touches you should do.
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    The game was way to easy, because I didn't let one balloon up all the way to level 25, and then later I just quit to claim my space as the number one balloon popper . Everyone else has already addressed the issues with the game.
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    Pretty nice game i missed one lol. But seriously if i make or play a game it has to have some kind of story why its their, to me popping baloons isnt just fun. But let me stop, ill just say thats its very great and i love the color but like somone else said it needs more color. 1 out of 10 (7)

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    Increase the framerate, it's too jumpy.

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    Thanks for the suggestionjs every1. Didnt know how hard to make it but obviously seems to easy. Will have to work on it a bit and take all of your suggestions into consideration, didnt realise how hard it would be to make a playable game, hardest bit has been how hard to make the levels.

    Everyone has been a good help, gonna make it a bit harder today,

    Cheers Everyone

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    nice lil game mate. agree with the comments above but thats just enhancements, nothing wrong with the game itself.

    id like to see the frame rate upped a bit to smooth things out and it would be good if on game over it showed your score, i was bumped straight to the score table, couldnt compare my (probably crap) score with the highs.

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    Instead of using startDrag(), try putting this on your crosshair MC (it's much faster for slower computers):
    onClipEvent(mouseMove) {
    this._x = _root._xmouse;
    this._y = _root._ymouse;

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    HA! reached level 23 and died.

    Great stuff anyhow!
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