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Thread: How to do flash animation correctly??

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    How to do flash animation correctly??

    I've been slwoly getting small business projects here and there for websites, flash intros, etc... and I'm really having very simple problems that I have no control over to fix (or so I think)

    I made a simple intro video with scrolling pictures... similar to my other flash intro on this website...


    As you notice on that website the words are just moving slightly... while fading in...

    Well... On the new intro I was asked to make... i had words and pics moving slowly like that and fading in and out... but I had to scrap the whole things because my pics were moving REALLY choppy.

    I tried to reason through why it does it... and i cant think of anything... other than its because I'm using the timeline instead of actionscript.

    I'm learning actionscript... but the process is slow. I know things work so much better when you use less of the timeline and more actual codes to make things work. I just would like to know why my pictures seem to move so choppy when they are fading in and scrolling slightly to the side...

    On top of that... I would like anyeones expert advice on frame rates... whats the ideal? I have found myself setting things at 90+ frame rates because of how fast and crisp the actions seem... I read I shouldnt do that... but When I use 30-60... everything looks so horrible...

    I dunno... Just some questions...

    thanks for any help...

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    Well you can move things around like this

    //this will move the pic 5 px pr. frame

    I usually go with 24 frames, cause thats the rate your tv refreshes pictures... and that seems to work out for them

    another thing that effects the speed is the size of the pictures, a fast computer will probably not have a problem but slower computers are quite sensitive to web content using to much power..also flash uses alot of power to move a picture around the screen. so smaller pics.

    OHhh by the way text and pictures placed on weird px numbers can also seem blurry.. like x=234.7 is not the place you wanna place something.
    This is also why the scripting is a good idea, if you start out with a picture placed in 0,0 and uses my script the pic will only "travel" whole px...

    think thats all ...have fun
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