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Thread: Dynamic Text - text quality deteriorates- Any suggestions?

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    Dynamic Text - text quality deteriorates- Any suggestions?

    Hi all hope someone can help me with this.

    I have a dynamic text box on stage linked to a text file (notepad). However I've noticed that there is some deterioration in the quality of the font, and the colour becomes a lot more overpowering when comparing a dynamic text box with a static one.

    The font I have is quite understated (its a typewriter font) but in the dynamic box the colour for one is too overpowering and the text becomes quite sharp...smooth edges for each individual font goes out the window.

    Can I get around this or is it worth just sticking to static text boxes without any loss of quality?

    Would appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

    PS - I'm using dynamic text because its for an online CV so expect the content to change over time.

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    Are you embedding your font? And what point size are you using?

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