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Thread: new client wants quote-help!

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    new client wants quote-help!

    I have been doing web and print design for the past 10 years and recently I have spent a lot more time on web work based on client demand. This is often a little dicey because I have to teach myself alot of what I do as I go along. Which leads me to the problem at hand: a new client saw some of my work and has asked me to redesign his site and implement a full range of ecommerce functionality. I've only done server side actionscripting and a bit of javascript. The client expects a time and money quote from me and considering my lack of experience (and determination to not loose the client because of it) I need a little help figuring out what a basic ecommerce package would be for a mens clothing line. I have a good idea of how to charge but not of what to charge for and how long it might take. Please forgive me if I haven't given enough information-and let me know what else you's may need to know. Thanks in advance

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    since you said you don't know how to do it, why not subcontract out that which you can't do. then you'll know how much to charge and how long it will take (the contractor will give you his quote). instead of learning new technologies, you can spend your time managing the project. just make sure to add some to the quote for your time spent managing the contractor. I'd say at least 10%-20% of the contractor's quote.
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