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Thread: Stupid absolutely awful road logo's

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    Stupid absolutely awful road logo's

    Hi All -

    I need some help.... I have a friend who wants a road incorporated into a logo. While there are several ways to create the impression of a road in a logo, he swears that he wants a stupid winding road (the classic "S" curve). Im trying to convince him that this in not a good idea.

    If you have any examples of cheezy road logo's please post them up here, so I can use them as proof that this type of logo is outdated and overused.

    Again this is a friend of mine and I can't let him make this mistake.

    Thanks a ton!!!

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    im a fan of the caution sign
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    If that's what the customer wants it's not always stupid.
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    Make a few comps with the S curve and some without. You should be presenting a few ideas anyways so it shouldn't be too hard to do a few that he wants.
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    I think a simple straight road, two thin lines showing the edges, and a wider yellow stripe in the center would do, but - use the skew and perspective tool in PS to make it look like it's going off into the distance.
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