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Thread: XBOX360 release date?

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    XBOX360 release date?

    XBOX360 release date?

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    November 4th.

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    Unofficially, the friday after Thanksgiving.

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    Nintendo plans to release the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to compete with the X. Not much competition if I say so, but its what Iuwata said. Zelda is coming out on the 15 of Nov.

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    MS isn't thinking. The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days all year.

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    Dude, "Black Friday" is the day that people run out and buy crap, at premium prices. If you're going to launch the hot item of the year, that's the day you do it.

    Though I did hear a report on Marketplace that says the trend is slowing down. People are more apt to wait until closer and closer to the holidays, or even after, because they know retailers are going to clear out stock by putting stuff on sale.

    Really, I think MS is pushing it though just for the timing. Look at how little was confirmed at E3, and they're going to have this and a decent launch library ready for by Thanksgiving? We don't even know if it has legacy support for games, let alone what launch titles will be ready.

    Personally, I'm going to wait until Sony and MS get in a price war. Games won't get good for awhile anyway, and the few good launch titles should be cheaper by then. They're projecting $60 a pop for games at launch, no f'ing way.

    The only console I want the day it comes out is the Revolution so I can download all the old Nintendo games I loved with it, and play Mario Golf again.

    *golf claps for Nintendo*
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