I'm working on a small flashgame which involves a six-sided die. The problem is, is that the user is able to manipulate the values of the die.
There are 3 different kinds of sides:
- light side of 90 gramms
- medium side of 100 gramms
- heavy side of 110 gramms

The die is a cilinder and the user can choose which sides should be on what square. Now the game needs to calculate which side should be up randomly but still calculating in the odds.

I figured that normal sides have a 1/6 chance to be on top.
A medium side 18.6% and a heavy side 15.2%

But then what happens when a light and heavy side are placed on opposite squares? The change of the light side being up should increase, but with howmuch?

Can somebody help me with a formula which I can build into my game?