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Thread: Pixel Fonts in Flash

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    Pixel Fonts in Flash

    I am having an issue with a pixel font in Flash. The font is FFF Harmony from Fonts for Flash.

    The problem is that in IE on a PC some of the text renders fuzzy or blurry when published to my site. It's not all of the text, just some. The problem only happens in IE on a PC. Every other browser on PC or MAC, it renders fine.

    I have made sure that the text X and Y values are set at xxx.0 as opposed to xxx.6 for example, which will cause the same problem when previewing within Flash.

    Is this an IE issue? I am guessing so, since I cannot emulate the problem elsewhere. Is there anything that can be done about it? This is absolutely maddening!

    Thanks in advance!

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    welll. first i would suggest not using such a SH*TTY browser (sorry... but i absolutely HATE IE).... but other than that.... try selecting the text box and go to Modify-->Transform-->Remove Transform and see if that helps,.... if not... it's yet another IE problem...

    good luck

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    Although I do completely agree with you regading IE, unfortunately all of us have to develop with that in mind as it is still the most popular browser on the market.

    As it turns out the problem my fault alone! It was not a browser issue or a pixel font issue. It was a code issue. I adjusted the overall height of my movie by five pixels and while adjusted the code for the embed parameter, I did not adjust the height in the codebase parameter. What is funny is that IE was the only browser that was not forgiving enough to get past that. Yet another example of what a "great" browser it really is!

    Thanks for the response!

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    Did you sort out your problem with the fuzzy text ? I'm sure I checkeed the quality was up to 100% but s till got that problem, I'm using FFF too, and I thought that would clear it? But no... any further ideas ? I will check what you said in your response too...



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