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Thread: printing from the projector... Is there a way?

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    I'm trying to print from the standalone projector, but it just doesn't seem to work. It works from a browser, though.
    I know, that at least the flash player v4.0.20 is needed for printing, but I didn't find a way to upgrade the normal projector, only the plug-in for the browser.

    If someone had an idea, that would be great.

    Thx. Oliver

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    Not that I have found either

    That is why I did this:

    I have created a VB 6 Program that will autorun your HTM file that will load your embedded SWF file. This program was developed specifically for CD Distribution and not having to use the PROJECT EXE file. The reason I did this is because my company is working on a hugh project and we couldn't print from STANDALONE, so we decided to embed in HTM and make everything work from there, including the AUTORUN.INF feature available to the PROJECTOR EXE.

    If you want this code and program, I need your email address.


    TITLE UNKNOWN (I'm working for a start-up dot-com)

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    printing from standalone

    I have heard at times both yes MM will be adding
    the print feature to the standalone and no they
    wont. It would be a fantastic addition to cd-rom
    making, since you could have one button to print
    PDFs, etc. In respect for the former programmers
    here and their ideas, does anyone know for certain
    whether MM is going to add this feature?


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