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Thread: How do i do this effect

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    How do i do this effect

    photoshop is not my speciality, but i know how to use it. i have to do an effect on a person exactly like this (the cheerleader) how do i do it, is it a color overlay of is she herself faded with something?

    please help

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    The absolute easiest way... take a color picture within Photoshop, change the mode via Image > Mode > Greyscale.

    Your image will now be greyscale. Then go back to Image > Mode > Duotone - pick whichever two colors you want your picture to be and the image will now be those two colors. In the example of the cheerleader as you've linked to, it would be a white and a red. Then lastly, go back to Image > Mode and switch back to RGB, where you started at. There, a simple duotone from an originally color picture.

    There are tons of other ways that involve overlays, color overlays and layer application methods as well. You'll find out that people have many ways to accomplish ways to do the same thing within Photoshop.

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    You could also keep it in RGB mode, desaturate (Ctrl+Shift+U), then fill a layer above the image with red and set the blending mode of the red layer to Color.

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    Interesting gerbick, how right you are. I've never done it the way you described and would typically put a desired solid color fill on a layer beneath a photo, and change the layer setting of the photo to Luminosity.

    I like the duotone way quite a bit. Thanks.
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    Another less destructive aproach..

    This will consist of at least three layers.
    Layer one = image that the effect is meant for
    layer two and three = adjustment layers

    First open the image you are using.

    Then in the bottom of the layers palette click on the little half black half white symbol (Create a new fill or adjustment layer). Select Hue/Saturation. In the adjustments layer drop the saturation down to -100. This will desaturate the image making it black and white.

    Now click on on the Create a new fill or adjustment layer button again. Select Hue/Saturation. Check the Colorize box and adjust the Hue slider. Also you can adjust the saturation slider to get a more/less intense color.

    Although this sounds long it is easy and quick. Also it preserves the original image in case you want to adjust it some more.

    Also you could use a layer mask to get rid of the background. If you use this type of mask you still preserve the original image.

    Hope this helps

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