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Make a Search Before Asking Your Question
Even if your problem seems new to you, it may have been answered already.

Use Informative Subject Lines
"Help me add gravity to my game" is a better subject line than "Please help me!!!!!!"

Communication Tips
If you have a question, try to be clear, detailed and specific. If a particular bit of ActionScript code is the problem, post the code by copying and pasting it from your project. If effects/transitions/motion are involved, a zipped .fun file is better.

If you are using a trial or a beta version of KoolMoves, specify the version (click on Help > About KoolMoves to find your version).

Please do not post multiple threads on the same topic. Please do not start a new thread to reply to an old thread.

The person who helped you took sometimes more than an hour to try and solve your problem for free. A "thank you" is always appreciated. So are smilies.