I'm working on a project that will have 800-1000 NAMES and DEFINITIONS.
Each one will be loaded dynamically into a text box by clicking a button.

This will be a Flash lite file used on mobile devices.

Here are my concerns and options.

1. File size limitations

2. Option (A) If each DEFINITION loads as dynamic text in the main movie.
How do you format the text in the source?
How do you enter line breaks in the text source?

3. Option (B) If I were to format each DEFINITION in its own text box, this would increase file size, but get the look I wanted. Each one can be a separate swf file totaling 800-1000 swf files. This file size could be much too large to mobile devices. Downside too many files...


Option (C) I could have one external swf with a 800-1000 keyframes in the time line. One per keyframe. This option would be loaded into the main movie. Downside too slow...

Does anyone have any suggestions or answers to help solve my problem?

Thank you