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Thread: How do you stream movies in flash

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    How do you stream movies in flash

    How do you stream movies in flash

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    i dont care, its a dumb idea anyway.
    i think flash does it automatically...
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    technically flash will stream by default. i.e waiting for the next frame to load before you can see it. However if you mean true streaming, you'll need to hook yourself up with a streaming server

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    i didnŽt get the question propperly either i think.
    With streaming,do you mean streaming of flv (flash video) or streaming as in downloading swf files?
    for video (like movies,not swf files) you have the option of progressive download,meaning you have a flv file which is downloaded to the user machine while he watches (similar to streaming a swf file to which iŽll come in a minute); or, as token said you can have a streaming server like flashcom which sends the portion of the currently seen video to the user via video stream using an own protocol.

    if you meant streaming of swf files,that is done automatically once you load a movie into another one or just call an url which features a swf file.
    if you have just an animation in your swf file (and its not too big) you can just let it stream to the user,meaning it loads and he can watch the already loaded portions while the next parts are still loading.
    But once your swf is big in filesize or contains some code (so also if its a game) its better to have a preloader which checks if the portion you want beeing downloaded before it plays the swf file onwards is downloaded and ready.
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