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Thread: Photoshop Instructor

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    Photoshop Instructor

    What kind of money can an Adobe ACE certified person make teaching PhotoShop/Illustrator in a college or community college setting?

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    Instructor - Computer Science
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    the United States $33,053 $42,649 $68,328

    Rarely will you find a job in which you would teach only Adobe classes. Most colleges will want you to also have at least an Associates in Computer Science.
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    Most accredited colleges will want you to have a Masters in Comp Sci or MFA in Art. Or you will need to be a well-known indusrty/art world figure to dodge the above requirement.

    You really do not get a lot of $$ for teaching, I have taught before as adjunct (part-time) and it was a nice supplement but I can make better money "doing" rather than "teaching".

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    i know a couple of people that teach flash and pshop locally at the technical college. they do not make a lot, and they might even get paid on a 'per class' basic, even though the students sign up for a semester. both of these people have other jobs. hope that helps.

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    i teach one class a semester at an accredited art school in dc. less than 5k a class, trust me. the connections, however, are no joke.

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