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Thread: [question] Worms style theory

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    [question] Worms style theory

    I haven't touched flash 8, so this is a theory style question.
    I know that the F8 has a lot more functionality when it comes to manipulation of bitmaps, but i'm not sure of the limitiations.

    We're all familiar with worms, a large area of scrolling land which can be removed with various weapons; is it possible to create this in flash? (2000x700px bitmap for example)

    are there limitations to the size of the bitmap you can have without a noticable slowdown? if so, are there any alternatives?

    p.s. I'm not planning on re-creating worms - it's only an example


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    yes that is def. doable in flash 8 using the pixel level control. In regards to limitations and slow down, I would say it's like anything in coding, it's all about how you go about things, a landscape of the dimensions you mention though, I'm sure would be entirely feasable.


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    it was doable in flash MX - in fact im working on a version (multiplayer!!!, most of the multiplayer is done, its all the physics which is doing my head in), though its on the back burner atm with school and everything. The maps im making arent as big as you are stating, but have to be scrolled in a 950x450 screen, so they are quite big (at the moment only horizontal scrolling) ... you just have to make sure you have very neat code, something mine is desperately lacking
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    If you plan to use bitmapdata (and with Flash8 you would), then maximum width and maximum height of a BitmapData object is 2880 pixels.

    I have made little example of using btimapdata for something like that:

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