Dear Friends,

I am developing flv player, using Flash Communication Server and Flash MX 2004 Professional, without using the built-in components. It's almost finished now but I am facing one problem in it. The problem is discussed below:

I've three flv files on the Server with the names clip1.flv, clip2.flv and clip3.flv respectively. When the running time becomes equal to the total time for the movie , then clip2.flv loads on main screen. I've applied these simple conditions for this purpose:

if (_global.ns.time == n_vLen)
if (_global.vno == _global.mchk)
_global.vno =_global.vno+1;

It's working absolutely fine in Flash 7 player on Web as well as Local systems. But when it comes to Flash 8 player, it doesn't. clip2.flv gets stuck in the end and so clip3.flv never loads.

Remember, I am using Flash Communication Server and Flash MX 2004 Professional so all files are located in theApplication folder with Flash MX 2004 format.

Solution to this problem would be highly appreciated !