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Thread: stereo / mono help!!!

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    stereo / mono help!!!

    Hey guys,
    I'm relatively new at flash and I'm using Flash MX 2004 for PC.

    I've read many of the Sound threads, but somehow I still need help.

    I'm creating a short 5 minute animation with just an MP3 soundtrack starting from the first frame.

    Whenever I export the movie to an AVI format, the settings I use are:
    Video Format: 16 bit color
    Compress video: checked
    Smooth: checked
    Sound format: 44kHz 16 Bit Stereo

    I then use the XviD MPEG-4 Codec as the compressor.

    Here's my problem - whenever I select the sound format to be "44kHz 16 Bit Stereo", the sound/music in the exported AVI file becomes very stuttering and terrible.
    BUT when i choose "44kHz 16 Bit Mono", the sound/music plays smoothly...BUT its in MONO and it doesnt sound as good because of only one channel.

    How do I overcome this problem? I need to export as AVI WITH stereo quality sound. its driving me up the wall.
    I've tried different kHz and different compressors, but they all seem to give the same result - the stuttering sound, when the movie is exported as "stereo".

    btw, is it anything to do with the chosen compressor? if it is, which compressors will overcome this problem?

    Pls help me!
    thank you in advance,

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    I would suggest you try without compression and see if you get a AVI with proper stereo playback. Then recompress the AVI using another video encoder. It could also be that the AVI player you are previewing with does not fully support the mpeg 4 audio codec.

    You might get more informative answers from folks in the Flash video forum.
    aviarts.com - web development and flash development

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    I use VLC player and when i export it as stereo, it becomes stuttered, But when I play the file using Windows Media Player, it works fine.

    So is this VLC player's fault? I always thought that VLC was one of the players which can play any video file with great precision.

    Another question, would it be wise to set the music clip to "Stream"? All the music is doing is just playing in the background. Or it doesnt matter whether its set to stream or not?


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