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    Menu Navigation

    I am trying to modify a navigation menu from the tutorials section. I'm using Flash MX but the script is in Flash5.
    It goes in and out based on the mouse movement. And i can't get the buttons to link to anything? i just want it to go to a different frame in the scnene, and it won't do anything.
    i go to where button has the on rollover and on rollout and between them i put,

    on (release){
    gotoandplay (5);

    but nothing happens.
    help would be appreciated.

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    Hey SuperHue

    Dont put the actions on the rollout and rollover parts inside the button. Here is what you need to do:

    Click on the button and open your actions panel. Make sure its the actions for that button and not the frame. In there you will want to put this code:

    on (release){
    gotoandplay (); <<<When you release the mouse button.

    If you want it to go to a frame when you rollover or rollout, you will use this code:

    on (rollover){
    gotoandplay (); <<<When you rollover button

    on (rollout){
    gotoandplay (); <<<When you rolloff the button

    Remember, when you want to code the button, you put the code on the button itself, not inside the button.


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    If I may add, you should use frame label to target your goto...

    Select frame 5 and go in the property window and create a name for this frame.

    So you would use

    on ...

    Don't forget the ""

    I'm told this make much more stable code.

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    thanks guys i will try this.

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