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Thread: f8 FLVPlayback component

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    f8 FLVPlayback component

    I'm working with the F8 FLVPlayback component, just doing a simple flv progressive download. I was wondering if publish settings would need to be set as Flash 8.0.0, for the lowest possible version supported by this component.

    Can't seem to find this bit of info on macromedia.com. Does anybody know what the lowest publish setting is required for this component? (f8, f7, f6)

    Thanks in advance..

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    Lowest possible swf version

    The player version depends on the type of .flv's you plan on presenting to the user. If your are using the latest compression schema the minumum is, if you are using sorrenson spark... the lowest is a flavor of 6.?.? for streaming and 7+ for progressive. Hope this helps...JT

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