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Thread: VP6 Vs Sorenson for Screen captured content

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    VP6 Vs Sorenson for Screen captured content

    I just wrote a comprehensive article on which codec to use for screen captured content, and I also talk about VP6 vs Sorenson Spark Pro along with H.264 and WMV v9

    If you guys are interested check it out

    here is the link
    Best codec for Screen capture content (benchmark)

    I would really liek to know whay On2 thinks about it. The quality of ON2 is that great, but its good enough. definetly betetr than Sorenson Spark pro

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    Thanks ziyad! You let me know more about vp6.
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    Hi Ziyad,

    I read your article. It was pretty good. I have a few suggestions/requests.

    1. You shouldn't use the demo of Flix Pro or Exporter to do a quality comparison test like this because we put a big X through the image which will usually degrade the quality.

    2. You should release the source material and settings so people can reproduce your results. This is what usually happens on quality tests like these. Also with the settings released people could tell you if there are better settings.

    3. Tests like these are very good, but very subjective. On doom9 there are a few more of these tests which are more comprehensive and vp6 has always come out on top of WM9. But then again you testing a specific type of encode, which I don't think anyone has put up a comparison for before. You also might want to think about adding some non-subjective measures, such as PSNR. I know these are not perfect but they try to get rid of subjectivity.

    4. In your text screen shot comparison you mention that the vp6 text looks very crisp but the h264 looks blurry. Then you gave the vp6 a 4.0 and the 4.75. IMO the vp6 text looks a lot better than the h264 text in the screen shots.

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