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Thread: xml news system

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    xml news system

    I have looked all over the web for a news system in flash/xml and have found nothing except one in german. It seems people make exerything EXCEPT the simplest thing that most every site needs

    All I'm looking for is a standard news system that reads an xml file and works like this:

    news title (thumbnail photo would be nice):
    short news text short news text short news text
    click here to read more

    when the user clicks the link the movie goes to another keyframe and displays that particular news article.

    Sounds like something simple that would be everywhere but I guess all flash artists are too busy working on all actionscript mp3/video players that convert japanese currency and set your computer time with the atomic internet clock.

    If anyone could tell me where I could either find an example or find a flash developer that I could pay to make this impossible to find file I sure would appreciate it!

    I have looked at every flash tutorial/script site on the internet

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    I have a tutorial which demonstrates loading rss (xml) newsfeeds into flash:


    If you have any questions let me know.


    Flash-XML FAQ

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    xml news text

    I appreciate the help

    The tutorial is good, but what I'm trying to do is make it so that each set of text is a link that either attaches a movie or goes to another keyframe and loads the full news story. any ideas would be appreciated


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    Possible solution...


    I don't know if this example would be helpful to you or not. You may want to check out Adrian's newsblock at http://abrahamyan.com.

    It's an XML news system that displays a list of articles and then you click the link to see more.

    My only problem at this point is that the scrollbar does not work. I've attempted to switch out his flash component scrollbar, but it doesn't work properly. I was told that it was a loading order issue (If anyone can solve this, that would be great!)

    You might want to see his original before looking at mine, but I'll attach what I have so far...
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