I'm building a fairly basic mp3 player, but there is a major stipulation that the mp3s not reside in a web-accessible folder, so people can't just go and download the mp3.

So, a simple workaround is that I've put the mp3s in a folder that isn't web-accessible, then wrote a PHP script to read the mp3, and output it.

ie. Accessing www.server.com/audioscript.php will play /home/mediafiles/audio.mp3.

This works fine.

Now what I want to do is have my Flash player send a variable in the loadSound request that I can use to authenticate the player.

So basically, in the php there is a line which checks to see if the file was loaded with the proper key variable, or it dies.

So my question is, how do I pass a variable to the script from flash when I attempt to load the sound?