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Thread: outline 4 masking ?

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    outline 4 masking ?

    Hi every1! its been along time since i have done anything in flash and my memory has just gone it seems!

    well here is my prob! I have a logo, its a shell...and i want to add a little fx to it. What i wanna do is draw and outline around it, then mask it, and have a simple gradient bar slide up and down...so the outline of the shell will show like the gradient moving up and down...follow me?

    well my problem is this, i feel like a retard, but can figure out how to draw the outline?! i carefully drew the outline with the pencil tool, then put that in the mask frame, and made the gradient bar...but my outline is ignored...can you not do outlines in pencil? if not...how the heck do you do an outline for a complicated image?


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    You cant put a line in the mask layer cause... well, it will be masked. Put the outline in a new layer above the "shelloutline" mask layer (so it would be a regular layer), put the shell logo on the "grad.bar" layer, so it would be masked and then put that yellow bar on the "shelloutline" mask layer, create the animation on that layer and... that's it.

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    Lines in masks do not work. But you can convert the lines to a fill (modify-->shape-->convert lines to fill), then it will work as a mask.
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