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Thread: problems changing colour of a movieclip on a button press

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    problems changing colour of a movieclip on a button press

    hi, im coding a api drawing program in flash8 and im trying to create a colour preview box.

    i was attempting to write code to change the hexidecimal colour value of a movieclip (which is a white square with the instance name of colour_mc) when a button is pressed.

    The code for the buttons which when pressed will change the colour of the white square look like this:

    //colour is a varible for hexidecimal colour of the linestyle command
    //colour_mc is the white square which is ment to change colour.

    a_btn.onRealease = function() {
    colour = 0x000000;
    colour_mc.transform.colorTransform = 0x000000;

    I thought this code would work but it doesnt the movieclip doesnt change colour at all. Does anyone know were im going wrong? thanks

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    Try this:

    a_btn.onRelease = function()
    mycolour = new Color(mymc);
    mycolour.setRGB (0x000000);

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    lovely stuff thank you!
    i need to learn the commands keep using the wrong ones.

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    The letters on my F1 key have faded, because i can't remember all that stuff, seldomly used

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