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Thread: Discussion about RSS

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    Discussion about RSS

    Hello my dears,

    I started this post to leave a question that maybe will seem a little fool for someone, but for sure will be like a clarification for others (including me!).

    I stayed learning about RSS to know how to build a Flash RSS reader, and I confess that at first sight I thought that RSS was something so much more complicated, envolving specific servers, etc.

    However, everything that I could got is that RSS is nothing more than a XML class. Then, my question is... to make a Flah RSS reader, is only to read the RSS file using PHP and display it in Flash???

    I cant believe that's so simple... It's really JUST that???

    Thank you!

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    yankmoura -
    since you posted this, have you found the answer to your question?

    is it really THAT simple????

    i'm dying to know - if so i imagine i should have no problem finding an php script that can help me parse the data, right?


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    Indeed, an RSS is an XML following a specific format.

    This link has some excellent information on what is necessary and what is optional in an RSS: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss

    In my spare time i've been putting together a very simple "blog" style Flash for myself. I plan to have a .php to write new enteries to the rss.xml, the flash already reads it in just like any other XML.

    I've also been double checking my RSS with a validator: http://validator.w3.org/feed/

    Hope that helps.

    - g

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