Hey, I have a pretty simple project request for anyone who feels like practicing their skills. I'd love to do it myself, but I have short time and currently no access to flash. So lemme get right to it.

I'm looking for a simple small flash file, that has a bar(values 0-100), and a number above it that shows the value of the bar. The one important part is that the value of the bar has to be set by the contents of an outside txt file(that'll only contain the number).
it'll be used simply as a progress bar, so i can easily show when progress on the project has been made. You can chose whatever colors you'd like, and it should preferably be horizontal. You can also put you name on it to mark your work, put please no links further then an email or something. Also, it should be kinda small, about 200px wide by around 50px tall sounds good.

Thanks a million if you can help me out.