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Thread: falling money code

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    falling money code

    I've been searching around but can't find it.
    Has anyone seen some believable falling paper?
    I'm not so much worried about the pieces of paper changing shape as I am about getting it to swing back and forth until it hits the ground.

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    can you be more specific?

    howdy jAQUAN,

    found your post on page 8 of the AS board, either there are a lot of folks posting currently or your post is just not getting a reply (there have been 21 views of the thread at this point)

    Have you searched the forums using the search page here, or Googled it?
    just enter a search string like:
    falling leaves

    a quick search* here at FK for "falling leaves" yields this and others

    * search results

    can ya be a shake more specific matey?

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