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Thread: Hello, hello, hello. :-)

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    Apr 2001

    Hello, hello, hello. :-)

    I haven't been to Flashkit.com in awhile.
    Traffice is slower than I expected.

    So, how is everybody doing... Gerb, you still kickin mang?
    Whats new.. got some killer Swift 3D work to show off?

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    Jul 2000
    I'm still sticking around... just fresh from a 2 and a half week job hunt/traveling thingy.

    Nothing new to show... other than my completed headlights for the chopper I was going to work on, but Seventh Tyger came along and basically made me shut down Swift3D with his excellent chopper. Then Blink came through with a friggin' awesome soldier and that made me close Swift3D again.

    How's thangs up in CO? Surprised you're not snowboarding by now. I would!

    Damn I miss Colorado.

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    Apr 2001
    Oh man, don't talk about snowboarding. I'm going into widthdraw at the moment.
    I can't wait to get up and do some boarding. Its been awhile.

    My bro and I got a weekend planned to hang with some friends at a condo in Steamboat (never been yet).

    Good luck with the jobby job thing dude.

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