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Thread: HTML Button activate flash

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    HTML Button activate flash

    I want that when I press a button on a HTML page that my flash function is activated. So, I dont want to use Flash buttons but HTML buttons.

    For example: I have the function playerclick()
    and when you click on the button on the html page, this function will be activated in the flash movie.

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    this can be achieved with javascript controlling flash, but is kind of tricky to operate in different browsers.
    easier imho would be different swf movies in one page communicating via
    look this up in the AS-Dictionary, there you'll find all methods to make several swfs in one page talk to each other.
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    it works only then html is loaded into flash:

    In HTML:

    <a href="asfunction:_root.func,10">Activate Function</a>

    In Flash root:

    function func(par) {
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