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Thread: Let's put Recruiters OUT OF BUSINESS!

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    really? here in DC the invoicing, sick time, vacation, etc. is handled in most cases by the recruiting agency. there's a lot more money to be made in covering those costs. but i'd still make at least $15 to $25 a head even if I wasn't providing benefits. there's no real value in me making 30 an hour if i have to pay you 25 an hour while managing the client and you. that margin's just way too thin.

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    Im curious..after you "make the sale" and they pick/hire a "recruit"...what possible managing could you possibly do? WOuldnt it be up to the client to tell the new "employee" what it is they need to do on the porject? How could you possible know..and micro-manage? The more I hear "houlry"...it turns me off. You guys shold get a chunk when you make the "placement" done deal. IMHO..you dont anything after that.

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