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Thread: TIFF Compression

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    TIFF Compression

    Just curious if anyone uses compression when they save a TIFF.
    LZW? JPEG?

    I stopped compressing TIFF when different publishers requested without LZW compression.

    Most anything I do now though goes out as a PDF, so I am thinking about using compression again.

    Just wondering anyones thoughts.


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    I send my images out without LZW compression. But like you most of my final designs go out as PDF. If someone complains that an image is to big memory wise, i convert to a high rez jpeg 300dpi.

    I have anywhere from 125 - 400+ images per market that have to be saved out as tiffs for our catalogs. I have run accross QuarkXPress not liking it if the tiffs have been compressed by accident.

    Anyway, just my 2c

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    I believe that LZW is a lossless compression, so I go ahead and use it most of the time.

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    Well from what I've heard it's best not too use compression on TIFF files. At least when I use QuarkExpress, but then again I've seen media sites use the LZW compression

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    I have only tried to compress Tiff files with the help of another Tiff compressor. Even though I have only tried its free trial condition, it worked well for me. I am considring to employ its formal condition these days. You can google it to select one and have a try. I hope you success. Good luck.

    Best regrads,

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