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Thread: "Shareware-like" Flash

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    "Shareware-like" Flash

    I am creating a flash file that I need to turn into a "shareware" like application. It is more of a sales tool than a linear animation. I need to have an evalution period (15 days and/or 30 uses) and then link users to a website address to register/login and retrieve the password. Then, they will need to enter the password to unlock the program. Is there any software package out there that will do this automatically or any simplistic way in action script to accomplish it? I am not a programmer...primarily a designer. Thank you for any help!

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    You could try Zinc, a really good third party programme for Flash, that generates executable projectors with many extras (password protection, expiry period). You can find it in www.multidmedia.com.

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    you could just use actionscript to fake it...to disable some functions..or after a certain date display ONLY a buy now screen..

    whatever. all yuo have to do is check the date..and set a "targetDate" that the current date shoudl be BEFORE..if NOT.. then gotoAndPlay("adFrame");

    like so:
    myDate=new Date()
    expireDate=new Date(2006, 0, 5); // (YEAR, MONTH, DAY)
    	trace("Do Nothing.");
    }else {
    	trace("Display a BUY NOW ad");
    should be noted..this is a JOKE for protection...all the user needs to do is turn system clock back...

    this should probably be used with some sort of sharedObject saving a cookie with the date as well..and most likely...some sort of online check as well..

    but quick and dirty... this will work.

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    Or you could use PHP to check a server's time, and then use the script Whispers posted.

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    1.) that would either require it be on-line (then not on an indivual basis...but EVERYONE)
    2.) I believe this is supposed to be for off-line demo., but would still need internet access then to have the 'time check'
    3.) no matter wat you do..they can mess with the SO and edit the values if they know how.

    the BEST would be using a combination of all of them...current time, SO & server time checking... but again..nothing is fool proof.

    oh, and psssssst ....(this thread is like 5 months old)

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    Using a 3rd party projector tool like SWF Studio will be your best bet for having a reliable/not-online trial system.
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