Hello everybody!

It's been hard to sing up to this forum but i'm finaly here! And so happy .

So now i only have a few more days left to me free trial and hoping i can get this flash program that i'm working on done before it's to late. So i need help from all on this. I'm working on a flash chat room and need some giedince though ( sorry for typos* ) some of the things that need be done on it. So if i'd ask please help me with this, I only have about 3 more days left to my 3dfa trial so if i can complete it be then and when you help me with this i'd be the happiest 3dfa costumer alive! lol

so what i need help with right now is a typing input place and a output place.

what i mean is i need a place to type then when you press enter it goes to the output place where all and the chat room can see. detailed discription on this will be vary appreciated.

thanks and all is apprecated.

PS: sorry for that long post.