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Thread: Is there a book that teaches scripting?

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    Hi I find scripting a bit difficuly to understand but I am underpressure to learn, is there a book available?

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    A lot of them. Very few though now out for Flash 5, you could check out the Visual Quickstart Guide and the Visual Pro Start Guide, from there on you could go to Flash 5 Magic or New Masters of Flash (although I haven't yet read that one, the list of contributers tells me that there's got to be lots of it in there - AND there's a CD accompanying it as well).

    Hope you'll be up and running in no time!



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    Couple of great Flash 5 Action Script Books!

    Flash Foundation 5 published by Friends of Ed is a really good book on Flash 5 that features a lot of Action Scripting. The book is really good.
    Another book Flash Action Script f/x & Design from Coriolis is also really good and incldes some coverage of Flash 5.
    Check both of those out.

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    FOundation Actionscript

    In January of next year Friends of Ed is putting out FOundation Actionscript. The foundadion Flash 5 book I found to be very good. It goes step by step and guides you through the howtos with actiopnscripts.

    I am assuming the foundation Actionscript by them will be very good. we will just have to wait and see.


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    I just found a great book last night at chapters. It is called Flash Actionscript F/X and Design by Bill Sanders. It is based all on actionscripting and is very easy to understand.

    p.s Flash rocks

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