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Thread: projector issue for Mac

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    projector issue for Mac

    I've created a fullscreen presentation that is going to be run at a tradeshow on a client's Mac (I'm developing on PC). He is reporting when he runs the program that everything is fine except that there is a window bar at the very top with the title and close, minimize buttons, etc. (no finder menu or anything else though)

    I have not been able to replicate this problem so I am hoping someone is familiar with this. I have tested in OS X 10.1.2 and it goes fullscreen just fine for me - as does the .exe/PC version.

    The client has a mac mini and powerbook running Tiger.

    the presentation is built for his exact resolution an uses the following actionscript on frame 1:
    fscommand("fullscreen", true);
    fscommand("allowscale", false);
    fscommand("showmenu", false);

    any ideas?

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    I'm having the exactly the same problem. I'm developing a PC/MAC presentation to run at full screen and so far everything is ok on the PC. When I try it on the mac It loads up with this annoying window bar that contains all the close, maximize etc... as you've already mentioned.

    The only fix that I've found is to just hit the keyboard shortcut "apple key & f" twice. It's not an ideal fix as you don't really want every user to have to do this. It would be great if there was something within flash that could sort it.

    Have you had any luck finding a solution?

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    I had a similar problem.

    My solution:
    frame 3:
    fscommand ("fullscreen", "false");

    frame 6:
    fscommand ("fullscreen", "true");

    Weird, isn't it?

    Good news: sometimes it works.
    Bad news: sometimes not.

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