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Thread: Weird - Flash getting lost...

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    Weird - Flash getting lost...

    Hey there,

    I just developed a whole site, and it loads in modules.
    I have a main loader called "header.swf" that preloads 6 modules.
    I just hold the six modules in a onEnterFrame movieclip, setting six different flags: as each module gets loaded, it sets the flag to true; then when all six flags are true, the content of the onEnterFrame function is ran. Makes sense?
    Like that:

    PHP Code:
    _root.mcControle.onEnterFrame = function()
    if ((
    _global.FlagTrilha == true) && (_global.FlagMenu == true) && (_global.FlagEventos == true) && (_global.FlagNews == true) && (_global.FlagBottom == true) && (_global.FlagCortina == true))
    _level30._root.mcConsoleSom._visible true;

    Well, ok, it works fine... sometimes!

    Each module have an initial animation.

    There is two modules, tough, that I dont know why, sometimes they do not run the whole animation. They both have an animation called mcBottom that wides a background, and at the end of this animation (last keyframe) another animation called mcArea is called too. For any weird reason, the animation mcArea do not runs - SOMETIMES!

    The weirdest part is that, if I press F5 to reload, everything runs fine.

    Seems to me that actionscript is getting lost for some kind of synchro loss, or something like that. Anybody there have an idea about what can cause it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey, hehe!
    Never mind, I solved that!

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