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Thread: saving/retrieving settings with myLocalSO

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    saving/retrieving settings with myLocalSO

    K, i'm making a game (not for web). and there are option menus. all it's doing is.. if they press the button "on" or "off" then it changes the variable, _level0.setting1$="on".

    also, i need to do this with multiple settings. in one file.

    all, i want to do is save that variable on their computer, and when the game loads uses that variable. i have everything working. inside itself. and i was using a txt file. i could recieve the variables. but it wouldn't acknowledge them.

    i searched all over, i started to see the myLocalSO would work perfect for what i'm trying to do. but i couldn't actually find help for what i'm trying to do.

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    Try this link : http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/fla...dressbook.html

    This demonstrates the usage of the local shared object.
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