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  • Pairing 1 : Image A

    29 64.44%
  • Pairing 1 : Image B

    12 26.67%
  • Pairing 2 : Image A

    1 2.22%
  • Pairing 2 : Image B

    34 75.56%
  • Pairing 3 : Image A

    23 51.11%
  • Pairing 3 : Image B

    18 40.00%
  • Pairing 4 : Image A

    7 15.56%
  • Pairing 4 : Image B

    34 75.56%
  • Pairing 5 : Image A

    1 2.22%
  • Pairing 5 : Image B

    40 88.89%
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Thread: MARCH MADNESS :: Round 1A Groupings (1-5)

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    MARCH MADNESS :: Round 1A Groupings (1-5)

    This is the voting thread for the preliminary round of the March Madness 2006 Tournament. Please keep all discussion in the main thread for this battle (found here).

    This is a multiple choice poll so you can vote for your favorite image from EACH pairing. If you submit your vote after you only choose 1 image total, you wont be able to vote again.

    Be sure also to vote in the other voting thread. Since the multiple choice poll can only support 10 options, 2 threads are required
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    Stock Images: You must use some part of the given image for your pairing in your image. This does not mean it has to be the major element in your image however. You could use part of it as a texture, use a sillouette of it, just take a portion of the image or anything else creative you can think of.

    NOTE: Rather than having me rehost all of the stock images like I did last year, this year I am just going to give you the thumbnail of the image (shown) and a link to the much larger file from http://www.sxc.hu. You will need to register an account with them (which is free) to download the file. If you dont feel like registering, tell me I would can rehost it for you.


    When you have finished your image, please PM it to dricciotti. Do not post it in the public yet

    Pairing 1: pointguard vs ticklishSausage

    Pairing 2: mr_malee vs karvmo

    Pairing 3: Happy Pixel vs hightech

    Pairing 4: blazes816 vs TheDevilRidesIn

    Pairing 5: NJP3 vs walsher

    Pairing 6: JWin vs e-sharp

    Pairing 7: Dave-O vs disartek

    Pairing 8: Markp.com vs DaVulf

    Pairing 9: mandissected vs Cetrez
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    Pairing 1:
    Image A ~ pointguard

    Image B ~ ticklishsausage

    Pairing 2:
    Image A
    <no image submitted>

    Image B ~ mr_malee

    Pairing 3:
    Image A ~ hightech

    Image B ~ happyPixel

    Pairing 4:
    Image A ~ blazes816

    Image B ~ theDevilRidesIn

    Pairing 5:
    Image A ~ walsher

    Image B ~ NJ3P
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