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Thread: Syncing audio with large video?

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    Syncing audio with large video?

    I have a large video (720x405) that is embedded within my Flash file. I'm having trouble getting the audio to sync with it. At first I imported the video with the audio integrated into the video but that didn't work at all. Then I tried importing it in with the audio seperate. I placed the audio on the same timeline as the video and set the sound to stream. That doesn't work either... hmmmm.

    Any ideas on how I could get the audio to sync with the video?

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    the last option u did must solve ur problem, putting ur sound on a layer and the video on an other.
    tell me how did u import the video ? checkout the frame rate.

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    If you use the "Progressive download from a web server" option, there should not be any problem with the sync.

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