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Thread: δόφ & <-- can't import them in my dynamic text field

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    δόφ & <-- can't import them in my dynamic text field


    so, i'm still trying to get my page "dynamic". I made some .txt documents, loading them into my dynamic textfields with

    loadVariablesNum("main.txt", 0);

    now since i have a german version, letters like δ φ ό and also & signs get lost and are not displayed.

    how can i fix that? maybe your solution goes hand in hand with the following issue, too.

    also generally i'm not really convinced of those txt files. one example is my navigation:

    i have to make the txt file like this:
    home about me contact

    meaning, with the spaces in between.. very strange i think. well it works, but i'm sure there's a nicer way to do this. any ideas?

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    you'll probably want to use character codes. it's simple enough, here's the basic idea

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    well.. one line looks simple. but unfortunately my experience with flash is not big enough, to successfully implent this idea into my page. Is is a simple line of code? could you post that?

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    Hah! I had this problem just yesterday!

    Ok, you need to do two things!

    you need to embedd the special characters in flash for the dynamic textfields, and you also should use html special characters, ie,
    that should do it.

    I spend the better part of a day, with my workmate trying to work that one out.

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