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Thread: flash and printing

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    flash and printing


    would dynamic fields in flash print and show up on the paper?
    What is the best way to allow user to print from a flash presentation
    but just to print the flash window (for example if a flash presentation was running in a boxed window on the desktop. it prints that exactly on a press of a button script ?)

    also is there a way you could print a whole flash presentation ... pretty silly I know unless its a flashpaper ... but any ideas how this could be done in normal flash movie with lot of pages (frames) ...


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    This is the only way i know of to print from flash:
        var pageCount = 0;
        var my_pj = new PrintJob();
        if (my_pj.start())
            if (my_pj.addPage(0))
            } // end if
            if (pagesToPrint > 0)
            } // end if
        } // end if
        delete my_pj;
    This will print the current frame, but it could probably be re-scripted to print only after all of the frames have been added to the print job. but i think you would have to go through the frames one at a time, adding them to the print job.

    Dynamic fields will print out.

    When you hit the print button the printers default dialog will pop up asking how many copys you want to print and whatnot.

    For it to print out correctly, your flash will need to be the right size to fill the paper, as there are no layout or resize options.

    Hopefully someone else here knows a better way to do it, as it really sucks this way.
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