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Thread: [RESOLVED] Dynamic Images using variables

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    [RESOLVED] Dynamic Images using variables

    Hi, new to the forums, long time flash user, first time action script user

    I'm looking to load pictures into flash using what im assuming would be the loader object. However, as i understand it, this is limited to using a static filename located within the same directory as the flash .exe or .swf. My query is this, is it possible to a) use a full file path i.e. if irrespective of the location of the flash file "d:\documents and settings\user\desktop\file.jpg" and b) is it possible to specify this path with the use of a variable, i.e. store the path in a variable and call it using the appropriate command?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, or even a shove in the right direction.



    (Flash Pro v8.0)
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