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Thread: loading certain parts of a text file

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    loading certain parts of a text file

    hey guys,

    i want to load certain parts from a text file at certain times or put them into an array.

    um, im pretty new to actionscript so its a bit to get my head around at the moment, but i was thinking it may be along the lines of an array sorta thing.

    like, giving each line or section in the text file a name and then having actionscript load up each section and make it a movie clip with an array name.

    sorry for being so vague, i hope someone catches my drift.

    for example, having a text file with say lyrics in them or something

    girl im sorry but i'm leaving.
    we're both at fault, we're both to blame.
    and it wasn't the other men cause there were other women.
    this just isn't love, it's just the remorse of a loss, of a feeling.
    even if i stayed it just wouldn't be the same.

    double this drink up into the, tallest glass you got.
    you know i aint used to sleeping all, alone.
    gonna make it to the moon tonight on a 1 way kamikaze flight.
    if i could get so high i'll leave behind my problems,
    take em out with the empty bottles.

    and basically im sort of wanting a line to fade in say on the centre of the screen, then fade out, then the next line to fade in.

    and then start over again when it reaches the end.

    any help with this would be much appreciated, i had a stab around on the net for tuturials for a while tonite and i couldnt find anything that helped me much.


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    when i first searched the forums i was approaching it from the wrong angle, i just did another search and theres a few things i could try that i wasnt trynig before.

    i'll come back later with some attempted code, or the working code if i manage to sort it out.

    hopefully the latter.

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