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Thread: Basic 'sound' help!

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    Basic 'sound' help!

    i created a small music player on my site, with a next previous and stop button...

    the next button just has "goto next frame"

    the previois "goto previous frame"

    and the stop "goto a blank frame"

    and i just have the songs droped into their own layers in 1 keyframe with a stop action so it just plays the song when it hits it...

    i have 8 songs on the player and i cant do it this way becuase it just makes the SWF file like HUGGGE.... so i need a way to stream it...

    i tried using the little stream function that it provides you at the bottom when you select your sound, but itd oesnt seem to do anything, do i need to use any AS to input a value for where the file is located and load it externally?

    then, how do i get it to goto the next frame after that song is finished playing? Should i just put a timer on the frame that the song is located on

    if {

    something like that? im not sure im just learning...


    thank you!!!!!!! flashkit pwns.

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    no love eh?

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    its gonna be huge unless u use flash's progressive streaming capabilities. In other words to stream u are gonna have to use the netStream, netConnection objects etc.

    If you like you can download my free xml-driven mp3 player at http://www.flashmatics.co.uk/blog/?p=10

    and play around with it and check the code out to see how it all works!! Its too big a subject to talk about in a post maybe u should so a few googles for more information as well...
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