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Thread: Email problem

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    Email problem

    Hi i have a lfash file which acts as a feedback form. I can do this normally in html but this flash i am having trouble.

    I have my php file with

    PHP Code:

    $namenew $GET['name']
    $emailnew $GET['email'];
    $feedbacknew $_GET['message']
    $subject "Feed back form"." "."$emailnew";

    $matter "Contact form from contact page" "\n\n" .
    "Name: " "$namenew"."\n\n" .
    "Email: " "$feedbacknew"."\n\n".
    "Message: " .  "$feedbacknew""\n\n"    

    mail("$to","$subject","$matter","From: $emailnew");
    ?> I the same directroy on my website as the flash file
    and my code for sending the mail is

    loadVariablesNum("mailScript.php"   +   "?name=" + nam_txt.text   +   "&email=" + eml_txt.text   +   "&subject=" + sub_txt.text   +   "&message=" + msg_txt.text,0);
    So why do i not get an emial @ my site?

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