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Thread: can you change the bg of a pop-up?

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    can you change the bg of a pop-up?


    i am making an xml photo gallery. I can open the images into a new window by passing the following properties to some actionscript;

    does anyone know how to change the bg of the pop-up. my movie bg is a colour but the pop bg is white. I have tried adding bgcolor = 'cc0000' but it doesn't seem to work.

    any tips would be great. thanks.

    on (release) {
    address = "http://www.test.co.uk/test/images";
    target_winName = "Gallery";
    width = 496;
    height = 645;
    toolbar = 0;
    location = 0;
    directories = 0;
    status = 0;
    menubar = 0;
    scrollbars = 0;
    resizable = 0;
    openWinCentre(address, target_winName, width, height, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable);

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    create a stage sized movie clip to use as a background mc and use the Color object to dynamically change it's colors. Or use Ladislav Zigo's tweening class's colorTo, colorTransformTo methods to change the color. http://laco.wz.cz/tween/ i find it's a little easier to use than the Color object personally...

    Then you just need to set the background mc to resize according to the image size/window size. you can use a Stage listener and the onResize method
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