I have been testing my flash files with the Macromedia SDK tool to see how search engines will read my text and links. It worked fine with static text, but once I brought in a textarea and applied and XML file to populate the textarea with text, the SDK output was blank. It clearly states in the read me file for the SDK:

By default, swf2html extracts the following text:

text on stage in the current movie (dynamic text, static text, or input text that has an initial value assigned)
text on stage in a movie that is called with movieClip.attachMovie()

Does anyone know if their is somthing specific I need to do either in the SDK protocall in DOS or in the FLA file itself to allow SDK to read my XML data. I know the XML works, as it appears fine in the actaul .SWF file.

Any help would be Greatly Appriciated!