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Thread: Force a banner to open to _blank

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    Force a banner to open to _blank

    Ok, so we have this banner ad system and we plug peoples banners into it. Some people give us .swf files that open to _self or the current window the banner is sitting in.

    I was wondering if there is a way to force the .swf to open to a _blank window.

    Thanks folks, any help is appreciated!

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    Well there are two ways I can think of.
    1) Create an invisible button over the top of each banner that opens their url in a _blank (new) window. This is the easiest way!
    2) Decompile their swf's and change the code on their button. This is not recommended but what can you do....

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    Thanks a buch Launchpad!

    I was given a couple solutions (including the ones you mentioned).

    Thanks for the suggestions man!

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